HR Consulting Services

A little bit about us

Up Talent Private Limited is a newly established Human Resource Consulting firm, which aims at professionally providing various HR related services especially to Tech industries and BPOs. Up Talent works closely to bridge the gap between talent & opportunities and offers end-to-end recruitment solutions.

There has been a great shift in the workforce dynamics as a result of changes of workforce generation and ever increasing technological advancement, requiring the companies to focus on proper talent management. At Up Talent, we offer a fresh, forward thinking approach to recruitment where we embrace the ongoing changes especially in the tech industries and BPOs and offer a modern and contemporary approach to the recruitment search and selection process. We seek to provide practical and effective HR Solutions to its clients through a team of expertise working together to help your business grow and thrive.

Our Core values consist of passion, efficiency and knowledge. We are truly passionate about the way we work and proud to be able to offer high level service to our clients. We are professional and efficient in all the areas we work. Our team at Up Talent is extremely knowledgeable on all the compliances as per the GON rules and regulations and employment laws and we keep up to date with all the latest recruitment trends, industry skills shortages, stats on employment and will attempt to share these with all our clients on a monthly basis.

HR Consulting Service by Up Talent Private Limited

We provide HR Solutions to organizations with the expertise necessary to ensure compliance and achieve best practices in human resource. We help and support you by taking care of all your HR needs, gaps and issues with commitment. We operate strictly on Clients business HR objectives and goals.

The services we provide are categorized into different options where you can pay for what you exactly want. The services are categorized depending on the knowledge, resources, time, cost, level of expertise, and everything else that goes into providing the kind of service.

Consulting Service options

1. HR Process documentation and manuals

We help you outline the key processes behind your organization’s policies, expectations and business operations. We create the HR manuals for each and every HR process and functions of your organization that communicate your company policies, step-by-step comprehensive procedure, scope of operation, roles and responsibilities of employees, company culture and expected workplace behavior.

You can choose the option as a beginner, growth and scale depending on your organization status and requirements. We have categorized the manuals on beginner as the ‘must have’ for startup companies, manuals in growth as ‘good to have’ for growing or medium sized companies and manuals in scale as ‘great to have’ for larger scale companies wanting to have better processes as they grow more. The prices are as mentioned in the table. However, if you want to add an extra manual in either of the options, it will cost you 40,000 plus VAT per manual.

Please refer to the table below for detailed information on the manuals available in each option and the pricing for each. The ‘✔’ symbolizes the services included and ‘✖’ symbolizes the services not included under each options.

Process Documentation and Manuals

*Extra manual will cost 40k+VAT per manual

2. HR Audit and Policy documentation

We conduct a labour Audit, which in Nepal is governed by the Labour Act 2017, Labour Regulations 2017, and Labour Audit Standards 2018. It was implemented to ensure the rights of employees and increase productivity, making enterprises liable and accountable towards labour laws and ensuring better relations between enterprise and employees.

Pursuant to the Labour Standards, we follow the procedures as follows:

  • Collect and analyze details of the concerned enterprise
  • Spot visit and investigation (where possible)
  • Conduct Interviews and collect data
  • Follow any other appropriate procedure as required

Based on the HR Audit, We create HR policy (Company’s By laws) to guide and direct the organization and its employees in terms of what is required and acceptable and the consequences in the event of a breach. As we believe, developing these can be challenging and time consuming, we take the pressure off you and work together with you to develop documents that comply with best practice and legislation. The policy will be written by HR expert and will also be reviewed by Lawyer before finalizing. We also review your current policies and provide recommendations on policy changes or introduction of new policies.

We create policies for HR functions including, but not limited to the followings:

  • Recruitment and Selection policies
  • Probation policies 
  • Onboarding  and offboarding policies
  • Attendance and leave procedure policies
  • Training and development policies
  • Employee engagement activities policies
  • Performance appraisal policies
  • Payroll policies
  • Diversity and inclusion policies
  • Reward management policies
  • Health and safety regulations policies
  • Employee retention policies

HR Audit and Policy documentation

Total cost of conducting labor audit and preparing documentation - NRS. 3,00,000 plus VAT

3. Strategic consultation and training

We provide you with a specialized service of an Industry expert to advise you on your current HR functions and recommend you with the best practices in the Industry. As much as Organizations might be able to take on the various facets of human resource management themselves, it is sometimes necessary to call in specialists to provide an extra layer of day-to-day HR support, as well as to help navigate your way through particularly complex situations.

The options are categorized as Essential, Vital and crucial which differ in terms of the hours you can spend with the expert and thus, in terms of the amount you will be charged monthly. In this period of time, you can either choose to get an expert’s advice and involvement for strategic consulting or for training your team based on your priority and requirements. For example, If you are looking to set up an OHS system, then we introduce you to an expert in OHS who excels in the field and guides you with the best ever practice in OHS. And you can choose your hours that best suit your Organizational needs. 

We bring experts from various fields, but not limited to the followings:

  • Employee Engagement 
  • Compensation plans
  • Performance management and appraisal
  • Remuneration
  • Learning and development
  • Overall establishment of HR department in your company

Let’s work together

We are here to help you achieve success in your human resource practices with the best team working for you to fulfill your business objectives. We ensure organizational development by guiding you to apply the industry best practices and empowering you to take advantage of your human resource capital.

Kindly review our proposal and let us know what options suit you the best. When you’ve chosen your option, we can discuss further regarding our “Terms of Agreement”. Please get in touch with us at or call us at +977 9802310580 if you would like to book an appointment or for any other queries you may have.